The “Rider Tan”

While most people go to the beach to lay out in the sun and get a nice tan, equestrians do it a little differently. Instead of laying on the sand, we are riding in it. The only problem is that we ride in pants, and no matter how much sunscreen we wear or if we ride in an EquiVisor, we still get some crazy weird tan lines…

First you get the infamous farmers tan, except your legs are completely and utterly white.

So are your hands from wearing gloves, but it’s better than the opposite.


Along with that comes the helmet tan lines, so you use a little bronzer to try to even it out…

Often non-riders don’t understand why you are two different shades.

And they are like…

And your arms get so dark that people think you’re like…

Or they think you went on vacation and you’re like…

The first time you wear shorts you’re like…

But then you remember that it’s from something that you love and you’re like…


– TC

Published by Terisé

• New England Equestrian Blogger • • Photographer • • Editor •

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