One Man’s Endless Adventures

Sometimes the best supporters aren’t the ones who show up to events and cheer you on as loud as they can. Sometimes they are watching from a distance, waiting behind the forefront of someone’s life. For me, one of those people was my grandfather.

He may not have been able to come to my horse shows or even see my horse,  but I could always, without a sliver of doubt, count on Grandpa to ask about the horses every time I visited. He would tell me stories of travels and crazy things he had done, and I would always have something new happening with the horses. Not many people know or understand Grandpa’s way of supporting my passion, and I can’t even begin to try to express it and put it into words. The only words I can think of are “thank you”.

Grandpa passed on Monday evening, finishing his biggest adventure of all peacefully and surrounded by family. I knew him for twenty years and I still continue to learn more and more about the life he lived. Each time I am in awe of how much impact one person can have, and that was shown Monday night as our family united for one man who changed each and everyone of us.

My grandfather traveled the world and told stories from his life adventures in countries I don’t even know how to pronounce, usually while his famous empanadas were cooking and with a mai tai in hand. If anyone lived their life to the fullest, it was this man. Heck, he even wrote his own obituary! As I begin my own adventures, I won’t be traveling the world or building bridges, I will be riding my horses and following my writing dreams and I hope to accomplish even a quarter of what he ever did. I am forever thankful for those stories he told. They serve to keep his spirit alive and inspire those who hear them. Grandpa may be gone, but his wealth of knowledge and the effect he had on others lives on.

So, thank you, Grandpa. For everything you have done for me and countless others. May you rest easy and we will see you up there some day.

In memory of Richard H. Cole July 4, 1926 – June 2, 2014






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