Dilemmas of being an Equestrian: Summer Edition

First off…

Ahhhh! Sweet summertime is finally here! As always, with the change in weather comes more dilemmas of being an equestrian (do they ever really end?).

It is finally the prime time of horse show season.

When the outdoor ring turns into the Sahara Desert…

…and the indoor ring turns into a personal sauna…

…but you look at your horse like…


When your saddle pads are soaked with sweat and your horse is like..

Everything is so dusty, including you, that you might as well just…

You get wetter than your horse on bath day.

The bugs come out.

Sometimes it rains and you have to ride in the indoor again.

When the wind turns the outdoor ring into a sand storm.

Having to ride early in the morning to avoid the heat…

Your riding pants stick to your legs.

The sweaty helmet hair returns.

And so does the “Rider Tan”.

But it is all so worth it because you can ride on the beach…

… and gallop in fields like the cheesy horse movies.

We may complain about it all…



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