Product Review: ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad

I can admit it, I am a saddle pad hoarder and that includes half pads. So when I heard all the buzz about the new ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad, I was obviously going to try it out!


ECOGOLD is a company that specializes in half pads, saddle pads, and protective boots. Their newest pad, the Flip Half Pad is a reversible, non-slip half pad that is “flashy enough to stand out from the crowd, but not too crazy for the show ring”. The half pad features ECOGOLD’s signature Premium High Resilience Foam that “reduces pressure at the points of greatest weight and quickly springs back after impact to provide support and protection to your horse’s back”. It also includes a non-slip surface on both sides of the pad, an air vent, and an opening for removable inserts.

The Flip Half Pad comes in a variety of colors for each side of the pad to enable ultimate customization for schooling or the show ring. Side A, the colored side, comes in your choice of five jewel tones; Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Gold, and Silver. Flip it over to Side B and you have the choice of two more conservative colors; White or Black. The colored side  features a pattern while the traditional side is made of a mesh-like material. The non-slip surface is black on all colors except white.

The first thing I noticed about my ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad in Ruby Red and Black was the quality of the foam inside the pad. I often find that half pads compress instantly when I mount up, leaving little room for additional compression when my horse’s back moves. This was not the case with this pad. The foam held my saddle and myself off of Ax’s back without fully flattening, which allowed the pad to compress more and absorb impact when needed. Once mounted, I instantly felt a difference in Ax as he was given the freedom to lift his back and come through from behind much easier than with a traditional sheepskin half pad.

Although I have never had any problems with saddle slippage before, the non-slip surface on the half pad locked my saddle in place as well as prevented my saddle pad from slipping back underneath my saddle.

The air vent allowed for more air circulation on Ax’s back throughout my ride. The Beast is infamously a sweat hog, so when my saddle pad wasn’t drenched after my ride, I was thrilled.


I have only been using this pad for two months and I am already seeing a difference in Ax’s back and his movement. Since his last chiropractic appointment, I have used only my ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad and one other memory foam half pad.  My chiropractor couldn’t believe how great his back felt and that my forever-needing-back-adjustments horse was not out in his usual right lumbar vertebrae. I am happy to report that this was the first time since Ax and I came together that his back was not in need of an adjustment. I think that I can honestly say that my ECOGOLD half pad has something to do with that.

This pad is well worth the investment and I can’t wait to try more ECOGOLD products. Not only will you love it, but so will your horse.


Riding in my ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad
Riding in my ECOGOLD Flip Half Pad


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