SmartPak Equestrian Tag: Horse Names

In the midst of re-watching SmartPak‘s If Horses Were People videos, I saw that they released an “equestrian tag”. After watching it, I thought that it would be a nice “tag” to blog about! Who says tags are only for Youtube?

SmartPak’s Horse Name Equestrian Tag asks…

What’s the name of the first horse you rode?

  • I have to mention two different horses for this one. Aside from ponyrides at the fair, the first horse I actually took a lesson on was named JB. He was a chubby, chestnut Quarter Horse with permanent old man face, and he taught me everything. From grooming and tacking up to jumping cross rails in Short Stirrup at my very first horse show. He also taught me how to fall off…many, many times. He passed in 2011 and I know that he is up there somewhere watching over Ax and I with my favorite old schoolie, Ziggy. Zig was a HUGE chestnut Appendix (I think) with  tumor in one of his eyes. To this day, I think I can attribute my continuation of riding horses to this big guy. After a nasty fall on a trail ride resulted in some damage to my tailbone, he was the only horse I would ride. We went trail riding for hours and he helped me get my confidence back. If there was one horse that I would have made live forever just to keep in a pasture, it would have been Zig.
JB and I at my first horse show

What’s the name of the first horse you leased/owned?

  • My Angel pony, of course! She is the first horse I leased and the first horse owned since we leased her before we bought her.


What’s the name of the naughtiest horse you’ve ever known?

  • This is a toughie. I don’t think I can pinpoint one single naughty horse, but I have definitely ridden plenty…buckers, rearers, the ones that run you into the wall…

What’s the name of your current horse?

  • My current horse is Southern Axcent, or Ax. Yes, it is spelled like that.


What’s your favorite name for a horse?

  • I Like “old man” names for horses. But I could never imagine changing the name of a horse to one that I prefer, that would just feel wrong.

I tag anyone reading this to participate in SmartPak’s Horse Name Equestrian Tag!


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4 thoughts on “SmartPak Equestrian Tag: Horse Names

  1. I love all of the “If horses were people” videos. They picked the perfect two SmartPakers to do those videos as well, and they are very accurate! I just went through and watched them all again.


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