A Horse Box – Unboxing & Review

I have heard about monthly boxes for dogs and people, but never for horses. So when I found out about A Horse Box, I knew that I had to check it out!

A Horse Box is a subscription box service that sends handpicked items to your door each month featuring brands like Absorbine, Equine Organix, Likit, Omega Alpha and many more. With three different types of boxes in varying prices, there is a box for everyone! The original A Horse Box includes four to six items, A Tack Box is a one time box full of essentials for every horse owner, and A Mini Horse Box which features two to three items and will be returning in 2015. My box shipped on a Friday and I received it the following Monday, so the shipping was very quick, which was perfect because I don’t think I could have waited any longer for it!


Upon opening the box, I saw a few products I was familiar with and few new ones as well! What was in the box?

  • Black drawstring A Horse Box bag and hand sanitizer
  • Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel
  • Omega Alpha Gastra-FX, dosage syringe, and product information
  • Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo
  • Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher Protector
  • Enjoy Yums Carrot treats
  • Cavalor Action Mix grain sample and product information


The first product I recognized was the Absorbine Liniment Gel. I don’t even need to try this to know that I LOVE this stuff because I have already gone through more bottles than I can count. This is my favorite liniment gel, so I was super excited to have a cute travel size to stick in my grooming tote.

I have heard of Omega Alpha’s supplements and know that they have a good reputation, so when I saw their Gastra-FX liquid I knew that it was going to be a quality product. While Ax doesn’t have any stomach issues, we do travel quite a bit so it is nice to have this two day dose in my medical kit for emergencies, and the dosage syringe is useful for so many things.

The Cavalor Action Mix was slightly familiar to me, though I have never fed my horses any Cavalor brand feed. This feed is formulated for competition horses performing light work for 4 to 8 hours a week and Ax is definitely included in that, so I am interested to test this out.

The first unfamiliar brand I spotted was the Bio-Groom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo. This is a no-rise, no-water shampoo that is perfect for quick touch ups or when your horse needs a little extra cleaning. Ax is a pasture pig, so this is definitely going to be handy on those cold days when a regular grooming just isn’t cutting it. I can’t wait to try this, and something tells me it won’t be long before Ax gives me the chance to.

The Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher Protector is something I had never heard of before and the bottle didn’t say much other than that their website had more details. After looking it up, I found that it is a non-residue mane and tail detangler with vitamin B5 and keratine added to act as conditioners. It does have silicone in it which makes me a little skeptical, but Ax has dreadlocks galore because his tail is so thick and I am willing to give anything a try.

The last product in the box was something that I knew was going to be a big hit with Ax no matter what, the Enjoy Yums Carrot treats. These are six ingredient, low sugar treats shaped like cute little hearts that smell baked and yummy. So far he hasn’t turned down any treats I have given him and these were no exception. I don’t think the bag lasted for more than five seconds before he was begging for more.


Overall I think A Horse Box is definitely worth subscribing to! It is a great chance to learn about new brands and try out new products for you and your horse. The box is chock-full of useful and handy items to have in your tack trunk as a horse owner, leaser, or even just a rider wanting to take care of a favorite horse. You can choose a box and subscribe here.

I will absolutely be subscribing for my own monthly boxes for Ax!


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10 thoughts on “A Horse Box – Unboxing & Review

  1. I was getting their box for almost a year but the products started being the same to often so I decided to cancel my subscription. Looks like they have a few new items which is awesome 🙂


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