Giving of Thanks

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Its the time of year when we eat so much that we think we will never fit into our breeches again, but somehow we manage to squeeze back into them the next day. Aside from stuffing our bellies, it is also the time for giving thanks for everything that we have.  I couldn’t possible list every single thing that makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive, but I can darn well try.

I am thankful for…

…MY FAMILY. I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I have had throughout my life without my parents and my family. They have done nothing but support me and all of my adventures for twenty-one years, and that is not something I can thank them enough for. There would have been no riding lessons, no horses, and no horse shows without them. My parents have put up with all of my equestrian craziness for so long and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.


…MY HORSES. I don’t think I would have survived high school without Angel, and I definitely wouldn’t have lived through the last two years of college without Ax. My horses are my sanity in this crazy world. Without them, I wouldn’t be the rider that I am today. That goes for any horses that I have ever ridden, each one changes a rider and makes you stronger.

FullSizeRender (1)

…MY BOYFRIEND. This sounds so cheesy, but it is true. He has been so supportive and helpful when things have been wild these past months. From coming to the barn with me to taking care of him when I can’t to driving across the state to come to horse shows, I can’t thank him enough for all that he does. I am blessed that he loves Ax as much as I do.


…MY FRIENDS and MY TEAM. Because you can never surround yourself with enough supportive people and these people are no exception. (Especially friends who have power and are kind enough to let us use their electricity and running water. We are currently on hour twenty of having no power thanks to winter storm Cato.)


…MY COACHES. The good and the bad. Each one has helped me in one way or another.

…MY HEALTH. Without it I wouldn’t be riding.



Happy Thanksgiving!



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