TOA Blog Hop 5: Fave.

Beka from The Owl Approves is hosting an 18 week blog hop, one for every week until her horse’s 18th birthday! I have made it my mission to participate in all 18 hops, so bring it on.


Week five asked “What is your horse’s absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have?

  • Food. Eating. Looking for cookies. Any kind of cookies. People cookies, horse cookies, he would probably even eat dog cookies. Anything but bananas. He hates bananas.
  • Hanging out. (If you read week four then you know what I am talking about.)
  • Trying to get away with rubbing his head on my after I take his bridle off.
  • Selfies. I wish I was kidding, he poses and everything.
  • Snuggles.



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