A Day in the Life: College Edition

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To be honest, it is difficult to have a set routine as an undergrad, especially when we are only a few weeks in and I have a grand total of three lecture classes. I wish this had been the case for my previous years, but I doubled up my classes early on in college to take of the load as I slowly entered the real world.


Monday – (Considering the snow took away four out of the five past Monday’s in the semester, this is a hypothetical day.)

9:00AM – Force Jose to turn off alarm. Spend too long browsing social media, emails, and texts. Finally get up and be thankful that I can wear breeches and not real pants. Leave for class in W and end up late because coffee.

11:00AM – Sit in class for 75 minutes trying to learn about HR management.

12:15PM – Sprint to Alan (that’s my truck) to try to make it to the barn in 15 minutes. Curse the horrid city traffic and hate everyone who is in my way.

12:30/45PM – Finally get to the barn. Rush to get whichever school horse I am assigned tacked up. Cross my fingers that Coach doesn’t take away our stirrups forever and that said horse is well-behaved in my BCET lesson. Ride.

2:00PM – Dismount said school horse. Clean tack. Put horse back outside or in stall.

2:30/45PM – Steal Ax’s dinner from him so I can ride and he can hate me. Groom and tack up the Meatball while avoiding evil glares because he is clearly starving. Ride Ax. Try not kill any of people the lesson already going on in the indoor.

3:30/4:00PM – Untack. Groom. Re-blanket. Stuff full of treats. Take forever doing barn things that really don’t take that long.

5:00PM-Night – Drive back to campus. Grumble about having to park so far away from my hall. Go to W if staying at Jose’s apartment. Realize I’m hungry because I forgot to have lunch. Eat. Gym if I’m not being a lazy you-know-what. Shower. Homework. Blog. Team stuff. Procrastinate. Make sure my residents aren’t killing each other/ResLife stuff/do rounds if I am on duty. Do other miscellaneous things. Get into bed. Stay on my phone until I realize it is 3:00AM and I need to be up soon.


8:00AM – Snooze alarm because it feels so early since I stayed up half the night and don’t have a set time to work at the barn. Snooze again. And again.

8:30/9:00/9:30AM – Get up. Get dressed. Drive to barn. Work at barn (sweep, make grain, sweep, clean buckets, sweep, do miscellaneous things, sweep some more).

12:30PM – Realize I have class and I’ll probably be late. Drive back to campus.

1:15PM – Learn about Equine Biomechanics and Conformation for 110 minutes on Tuesday/50 minutes on Thursday. Actually pay attention because I like this class.

2:10ishPM (Thursdays only) – Meeting with my supervisor. Confirm that all of my residents are alive.

3:30PM  – Drive back to the barn. Tack up. Ride Ax. Untack and take care of horse.

6:00ishPM-Night- Drive back to campus. Do same stuff as Monday night.

8:ooPM (Tuesdays only) – Staff meeting.


10:00AM – Wake up. Put breeches on for the third day in a row because do I even wears real pants anymore?

11:20AM – Drive to the barn. Tack up school horse. Ride in BCET lesson.

1:00PM – Dismount. Take care of horse and tack.

1:30/45PM –  Bring in, groom, and tack up the Meatball. Ride Ax.

2:30/45PM – Untack. Groom. Re-blanket. Make yummy treat/grain concoction for Ax’s dinner.

3:00PM – Drive to W for class. Complain about the awful city parking.

3:30PM – Try to be on time since this is my only class all day long. Listen to Equine Facilities Management for two hours and twenty minutes. Get lucky and maybe be let out early.

5:50PM or earlier-Night – Drive back to L or to Jose’s apartment. Perform same ritual as previous nights.


5:45AM – Snooze alarm until I know I will be super late.

6:15 – Get coffee. Drive to the barn. Watch the pretty sunrise on my way since it is so early.

6:30AM – Tack up horses. Steal one of my favorites for practice.

7:00AM-9:00AM – BCET Practice.

9:30AM – Finish cleaning up tack and putting horses away from practice.

The rest of the day – Ride. Work. Do nothing since I have no class. Do the random stuff I do every other night.

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14 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: College Edition

  1. I seriously wear breeches to school 2-3 days a week too. Throw on a nice sweater and cute boots and ta-da, everyone thinks I’m wearing fashionable leggings.


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