TOA Blog Hop 10: Idiosyncrasies.

Beka from The Owl Approves is hosting an 18 week blog hop, one for every week until her horse’s 18th birthday! I have made it my mission to participate in all 18 hops, so bring it on.


Week ten focuses on “What personality quirks does your pony have?  What makes him or her special?

I did my own hop similar to this a few months ago, so I am going to do a few new ones.

  • He never stops looking for cookies. I know that this is sort of my fault, but he drives me crazy sometimes. Blankets? There might be hidden treats inside. Saddle? Is it made out of peppermints? Your jacket? Let me search you top to bottom for the tiny crumb of cookie that may or may not be there.
  • When he is at the barn at home, if the feed trunk is open it means he must tinkle. Every time.
  • He uses his lead rope as a pacifier. I wish I was kidding. When you put his halter on and go to lead him away, he grabs the rope and chews on it. If he is on the crossties, he tries to chew on it. He prefers the little knobby knot at the end of the lead, but the rest of it will suffice.
Love my lead rope.
Om nom. (Shout out to the boyfriend for pulling off his fetlock snowballs.)














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