A Horse Box – February Unboxing

If you don’t know about A Horse Box, it is a monthly subscription box service that sends handpicked items to your door featuring brands like Absorbine, Equine Organix, Likit, Omega Alpha and many more. With three different types of boxes in varying prices; the original A Horse Box that includes four to six items, A Tack Box which is a one time box with horse owner essentials, and A Mini Horse Box which features two to three items and will be returning some time this year. Prices start at only $17 and vary depending on how many months you choose to subscribe. A Horse Box subscriptions can be found here!




What was in the box?

  • Banixx Equine for Wounds and Infections with product information – 2 oz
  • Banixx Pet for Bacterial and Fungal Infections with product information – 2 oz
  • Omega Alpha Chill™ Ultra and product information – 60 cc syringe
  • Cavalor FiberForce grain and product information- approximately 1 quart
  • Cavalor Sweeties treats and product information – 15 cookies
  • Moxie Designs 15% off code
  • Draper Therapies 15% code and catalog
  • Nule Schule Bits pamphlet



Upon opening the box, I knew what was going to be my favorite product, the Banixx Wound Care. Over the summer Ax got a nice slice on his flank from another horse he was turned out with. The barn owner was amazing and suggested I use her Banixx and I couldn’t believe how quickly it healed! What I thought would leave a decent scar and some white hairs is completely invisible now. I am super excited to add this to my medical kit.

I spotted the Omega Alpha Chill™ Ultra paste because I assumed it was the compliment to last month’s Chill™ liquid and I was close. This is similar to the liquid except it has “muscle-relaxing effects from B1 and magnesium”. I won’t be using this right away, but it is another good thing to have on hand in the med kit.

The next things I pulled out are Ax’s favorite; FOOD! The Cavalor FiberForce grain and Cavalor Sweeties treats reminded me of the grain sample from November. Since I am not looking to change Ax’s grain at all, I use the quart-sized sample as a treat mixed into his dinner every now and then and he seems to like it. As for the cookies, he always loves treats no matter what they are.

I liked the inclusion of the Moxie Designs and Draper Therapies discount codes. I have heard of both companies but never really looked into them but the coupons gave me an excuse! I think I will definitely be making a purchase.

I really liked this month’s box, I think it had some great additions to my tack trunk and I know Ax will love all the yummies! Be sure to check out my other A Horse Box unboxings and stay tuned for next month!


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