A Horse Box – March Unboxing

If you don’t know about A Horse Box, it is a monthly subscription box service that sends handpicked items to your door featuring brands like Absorbine, Equine Organix, Likit, Omega Alpha and many more. With three different types of boxes in varying prices; the original A Horse Box that includes four to six items, A Tack Box which is a one time box with horse owner essentials, and A Mini Horse Box which features two to three items and will be returning some time this year. Prices start at only $17 and vary depending on how many months you choose to subscribe. A Horse Box subscriptions can be found here!


What was in the box?

  • Cavalor Star Shine – 75 ml
  • Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff – 4 oz
  • Omega Alpha Gastra-FX™ Ultra – 60 cc syringe
  • Mane Street Bakery Holistic Horse Treats in Peppermint Biscotti – 2 oz
  • Bigeloil Poultice Hoof Pads – 4 pads
  • A Horse Box tote bag


A Horse Box had given a “sneak peek” of this months box saying that Bigeloil® Quilted Poultice Hoof Pads by Absorbine were going to be included in all the boxes! While I have never had the need to poultice any of my horse’s feet (I’m knocking on wood!) I think this is a great addition to my growing med kit. It says that they “can be used whenever hoof heat, bruising, or general soreness is a concern, or after competition or heavy work” so I think these will come in handy in the future. Plus, I love that they are no-mess unlike normal poultice.

Next, I spotted another Cavalor product, their Star Shine mane and tail conditioner. Ax’s tail is my pride and joy as it is quite thick since I don’t brush it often. Consequently, when I do get to combing it through it is a tangled mess and I am not about to rake a brush through that without some detangler. This does contain a silicone in it which I am not a fan of, but it says that it is an organic polymer that is less aggressive than the synthetics so I am interested to try it out and see a difference.

Another familiar brand included was Omega Alpha and their Gastra-FX™ Ultra liquid. This is similar to the regular Gastra-TX in that it is for a healthy GI-tract but in a tube as opposed to the bottle, AKA it is super convenient. I will be packing this into my tack trunk for the future.

The strangest thing in the box was the Hay, Where’s That Blue Stuff! This is an antimicrobial, anitfungal, antibacterial lotion for rain rot, scratches, fungus, cuts, and other common horse skin issues. Since Ax is accident-prone, I think this is going to be amazing in my tack trunk. Especially with mud season on its way! I gave this to a friend to try out on her new horse who has some rain rot, so we will see how she likes it.

The last think in the box is Ax’s favorite, TREATS! Mane Street Bakery treats are 100% all natural and mostly organic. The Peppermint Biscotti treats support digestive health, smell amazing, and Ax loves them already! I love that they come in a resealable package and they are a perfect size to break in half for feeding. Honestly, I would eat these and I probably could since they contain a whopping six ingredients (all of which are actual foods, not some crazy chemicals)!


I loved this two year anniversary box, I think it may be one of my favorite boxes yet! Be sure to check out my other A Horse Box unboxings!


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