Transformation: 2014-2015

Last year I wrote a Transformation Tuesday post about how far Ax had come from when I began leasing him to them. Now, a year later, I am doing it all over again. This Saturday will mark the two year anniversary of the beginning of my lease on Axcent and I can’t believe it has gone by so fast.

I wish I could say that this past year has been as successful as last year, but it hasn’t been. The honeymoon period ended and we had our ups and downs. We went to the same horse show as we did that very first week and did better than before, then we went to the Island for the summer and my busy schedule didn’t allow for much riding so Ax lost a lot of what I had just put into him him, and then we went back to college to try and regain it all back. This year has been much more of a rebuilding year but I am thankful for that. I learned so much more about him than before.

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Here’s to another year!


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