Product Review: Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies

As if my breeches, funky socks, and Sperrys obsession isn’t bad enough, Noble Outfitters was kind enough to send me a few of their products to try out; the first of those being their Over the Calf Peddies! I have heard about these for a while and even borrowed a pair from a friend to wear and loved them, but I had never purchased a pair because god knows I don’t need anymore socks. Well I was wrong because I do, I do need more socks and I need THESE socks only. I received the Women’s Over the Calf Peddies in the Modern Roses print and I had to wait a few weeks to wear these beauties until it was warm enough to not wear wool socks, but when it was finally warmer I pulled them on right away.


I used to always wear those super thin boot socks but they weren’t thick enough to prevent my boots from rubbing so I had to wear regular socks underneath. Not only was this annoying to have to wear two pairs of socks, it was also bulky. Because of that, I gave up on boot socks and started wearing normal tall socks under my boots which was fine until I got a new pair of tall boots that fit more snug on my calf. Enter, the Over the Calf Peddies. Because the peddies have a normal sock foot and a thin sock calf, they fit perfectly under my boots without being too bulky. The foot of the sock also has an “ankle shield” that protected my ankles from my boots without having to wear multiple pairs of socks. I basically broke in these boots with these socks and walked away without any blisters or rubs on my ankles.

They also don’t slide down throughout the day like other socks. I wore these to a very lengthy IHSA show and I was so glad to not have to constantly pull these up all day. Most boot socks have the tendency to lose their colors, but I have ridden in my peddies multiple times and they are still as bright and patterned as the day I pulled them out of the package. I prefer my socks to be at upper/mid-calf height, so I did fold these over at the top, but you could definitely leave them at their normal under-the-knee height.

064I seriously love these socks. They are incredibly comfortable and lightweight while still protecting my ankles and feet. They are like two socks in one! I will definitely be purchasing a few more pairs of these!

A huge thank you to Noble Outfitters for sending me the Over the Calf Peddies! Stay tuned for more Noble Outfitters reviews!


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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Noble Outfitters Over the Calf Peddies

  1. I actually got a pair of these for free at the HorseLoverz tent at the PA Horse Expo. I LOVE these socks! I really like the thicker foot and skinnier calf to eliminate bulk in the sock under boots, and I find them to be very comfortable and stay up all day long. Great review!


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