Sit and Blog: Adulting

Adulting is hard.

I left off in September with no plans, no job, and a horse to pay for. Not the greatest combination. Thankfully, some thing have been added to the equation since then.

First, I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment with my boyfriend. That feels so weird to write. I say “moved out” in a loose form of the words. I still have a bedroom full of all my useless crap that I didn’t think I needed in the apartment and I still have a bunch of random stuff around their house that I haven’t taken care of yet. I used to always hear about family friends moving in with their significant others and thought “HOW?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” On the other hand, I never wanted to live with my parents until I was 25 and alone either, I guess I never really thought about what I was going to do after I graduated college and wasn’t living in a dorm room anymore. Well, I now live in an apartment in a different state with my boyfriend and a roommate, one of my college teammates, plus two kitties.

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Second, Ax has moved too. Finding a barn near the apartment proved to be more difficult than I expected. Things that were supposed to be worked out weren’t and unexpected situations arose. In the end I found a barn about 20 minutes away with just about everything I wanted in a facility—big enough stalls, indoor, outdoor, turnout, and excellent care.

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Welcome to the derby field.

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The reason I moved? I GOT A JOB! Surprised? Yeah, me too. Although I went to college for Equine Studies, I had always told anyone who asked me what I wanted to do that I was to become an “equine journalist”. “Sooo…what does that mean?” would be the most common response to which I would reply, “there is this publication called Equine Journal…”. I began applying for jobs mid-summer during a mild-food-poisoning-and-panicked-about-my-future evening when I was supposed to be out celebrating a friend’s birthday. I was so frustrated and frankly, desperate, that I was on the hunt for anything when I saw Equine Journal was hiring and located only 10 minutes away from my boyfriend’s apartment. Well, here I am—the new web editor/editorial assistant. Do me a favor and check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or website; I would love hear any feedback.

New adventures await!


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5 thoughts on “Sit and Blog: Adulting

  1. Congrats on moving out (P.S. you’ll have stuff at your parents house for the rest of forever… ask me how I know) and landing a job! So exciting!!


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