App Review: Jump Off Pro

I don’t think I am alone in being terrified of forgetting a course. Honestly, I’d rather fall off in the middle of an important class than go off course. I’ve got a pretty good system down as to how to remember—take a photo of the course, memorize it, look at the jumps in the ring to visualize it, tell it to a few people out loud, and keep retracing it in my brain until I go in— but I can admit to getting lost in the ring every now and then.


I got the chance to test out Jump Off Pro, an app that aims to make this process a little easier and get you into the ring without worrying about accidentally doing the rollback to the left instead of the right.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the app is to use and how fun it is to plop jumps onto a course. After downloading the app onto your phone, you are prompted to sign up with a simple form and can then begin uploading your courses. To create a course, you first select the photo of your course and crop or rotate it within the app. From there you click the little jump symbol to place jumps where you need to and rotate them using a slider. If one of your fences isn’t a vertical (the automatic jump it gives you), you can press and hold the jump you placed to change it to an oxer or water jump.


Once all of your jumps are placed you can trace out your course to have a visual on what your path will look like. To get an even better sense of how the course will ride, click on the “visualize” option that pops up and you can ride around the course with a fancy 3D feature that lets you look around as you move your phone.

While I haven’t had the chance to use this app at a show, it definitely helps when schooling at home. Once a course is set up, the drawing feature makes it easy to play around with how you want to begin your course, where you want to go, and how you want to end. It takes the stress of remembering the course away so you can focus on riding and adding some style to your ride (unless you’re in the hunters when the scenic route is almost always best). Plus, it’s fun to test the set up of a course on the app before lugging all those poles and standards around in real life.


You can get the app on Apple or Android for $3.99, which is cheap compared to the $20 entry fee you threw away at your last show because you took jump three instead of jump six!


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5 thoughts on “App Review: Jump Off Pro

  1. Such an incredible idea! I work the gate at hunter shows and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when no one will go because no one knows the course!!! I will definitely be sending this to all of the trainers that come to the shows in hopes of making my life easier LOL!


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