2016 B&BS Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is digging into my stocking first thing in the morning. Granted, my “stocking” is a giant mitten that could easily fit my head in it, but it is always full of those little things I didn’t know I needed or things that I needed but was too cheap to buy. Horsey and not, here are ten of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas to fill those hung by the chimney with care.

For the horse lover:

Photo Dec 20, 1 47 36 PM.jpg

Riding Gloves – $10-$50
Almost all of my gloves except my show pair have some sort of hole in them from use. Unfortunately, nice riding gloves don’t have a long life-span, so a new pair for schooling is always welcome to make their way into anyone’s tack trunk.

Engraved Key Strap – $10
Perfect for someone who already has a horse or is getting one for Christmas (lucky duck!), a personalized key chain is fun to clip onto your keys.

Spur Straps – $15
If you don’t manage to utterly ruin your spur straps after a few months, you are a goddess. From getting stretched out to fading and cracking, spur straps are always something and rider (who uses spur, of course) can use. And if yours are still in perfect condition, an extra pair for when one inevitably snaps is always handy.

Horse Amour Bit Wipes – $15
I am obsessed with these, but at almost $15 a pop it is easy to not repurchase them when the container is empty and use a good ol’ rag instead. These are a fun gift to stick in a stocking of someone who loves bit cleaning or might need to replenish their supply. (Tip: the wipes are big, so you can cut them in half to make the container last longer!)

Noble Outfitters Wine Down Hoof Pick – $23
This is just such a fun, novelty gift that it is perfect to stick in a stocking! I did a review on this fun hoof pick and whether you want it at the barn for cleaning hooves or at home for popping open a bottle of wine, this is a must have.

Fluff Monkey – $25
Cute, useful, and fun, Fluff Monkeys are the perfect gift for a showaholic.

For anyone:


The Herbal Horse Lip Balm – $3.50
Whether you’re kissing a loved one, no one, or your horse, it is important to keep your pout moisturized. This lip balm is natural, free of chemicals, comes in a huge variety of yummy scents, and supports a small business.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes – $5
My mom always puts toiletry items into my stocking and I love it, because who wants to actually go out and buy them even though you need them? I love these cleanser wipes for when I am too lazy to wash my face or if I am running somewhere from the barn and need to wipe away the helmet sweat and horse hair.

Moleskin Notebook – $20
There is something about cracking the spine on a brand new notebook that is oh so satisfying. I love the Moleskins for riding journals, to-do lists, or to just look pretty on a desk.

2017 Lilly Pulitzer Planner – $36
Or any planner for that matter—to go with your notebook, of course! The Lilly Pulitzer ones are my favorite, but any 2017 planner will help keep everything organized and on track in the new year.




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