2016 B&BS Last-Minute Gift Guide

So you’ve waited until there are only four days left until Christmas to do your shopping? Welcome to the club. I am avid member of Procrastination Nation and have had my fair share of last-minute gift buying. Even if you don’t live near a tack shop, here are seven last minute gift bundles you can give to any equestrian—or yourself!

If you’re far from a tack shop:

Treat Bucket – $20 or less
There are tons of easy recipes out there for homemade horse treats that are made from things you probably already have in your cabinets like oats and molasses! Put a container of these in a little bucket that could be used for anything around the barn (non-horsey stores like Tractor Supply carries them) with some apples, carrots, or peppermints and you’ve got yourself a horse-approved gift basket.

Bathing Kit – $25 or less
Horses are really just giant pigs with more hair and straight tails. Fill a small bucket with some shampoo (tea tree is great for horses’ skin), conditioner, a big sponge, and a silicone-free detangler and your horse lover can use it on herself or her horse. Well, maybe not the sponge…

Gift Card Bundle – $30 or less
Who doesn’t love a gift card? With the ease of being able to pick one up at any convenience store, this just might be the easiest present you give this year! Grab one to your equestrian’s favorite coffee stop, favorite tack shop (most have options to give them online), and a yummy place for a post-ride snack—tie it off with a bow and you are good to go.

Winter Riding Basket – $50 or less
This is when the local TJMaxx really comes in handy! Toss a pair of wool socks, a cozy scarf, a cold-weather sports shirt (that are almost always on sale), and a pair of hand warmers into a bag so whoever is receiving your gift is sure to stay warm this winter.

If you’re near a tack shop:

Grooming Set – $35 or less
Shopping for gifts at the tack shop is easy. While you can easily purchase a pre-made set of grooming tools, go the extra mile and pick out a few of your favorite brushes (I love the Winner’s Circle brushes) or combs to stuff inside a cute grooming tote.

Riding Accessories Bundle – $50 or less
Breeches or a top can be pricey. If you’re looking to give a high-quality gift for your equestrian fashionista without breaking the bank, put together a cute belt (this Pony Print Belt from Noble Outfitters is fun and budget-friendly), a pair of socks, and an engraved leather bracelet (most tack shops will be engraving on-site).

Personalized Package – $70 or less
If you really want to give your monogramaholic friend a big gift (and your tack shop does on-site embroidery or you have a local embroidery shop), have a saddle pad and set of match polo wraps stitched with their initials. You don’t even need a gift bag for this—a pretty ribbon to tie it together will do the trick!



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