2017 Goals

While I am not big into the “new year, new me” thing, I do like to use the new year as a starting point for goals. Plus, writing them down for other people to read makes me accountable, right?


Trust My Eye (and my horse)
Within the past year I have become more obsessive about finding “the perfect distance” (AKA, micro-managing every step my horse takes towards a fence) instead of just trusting my eye and going with what I see. Not only is this counter-productive for both Ax and I, but it is setting us up for failure. This year I am aiming to trust my horse, my eye, and go with the flow.

Be Competitive
This goes two ways—show more and actually be competitive at shows. As much as I would love to get out of the modified adults, we didn’t have a good enough 2016 season to warrant moving up. I want to master what I am currently doing before I get in over my head. I know Ax can do it, so it is a question of whether or not I can do it.


Take More Lessons
I’m pretty sure I can count the number of lessons I had in 2016 on one hand. Yikes.

Most of our jumping in the past year has been inconsistent. Now that we are at a new barn (more on that soon) where we are able to school over fences at will, I plan to keep us both in shape before, during, and after show season.

Let Go
From getting down lines to getting out of Ax’s way and taking the long spot, this goal is a tough but necessary one.

Increase My Riding Stamina
This is basically me saying that I need to go to the gym without me actually saying “I need to go to the gym.” Some days I am astounded at how tired I get riding and it is beyond frustrating when I have to take a walk break for myself, not my horse. I guess I should use that gym membership.

Clean Up Our Changes
Ax’s lead changed are—colorful, to put it politely.

SmartPak couldn’t have put a more perfect quote with Ax’s ears.

Bring it on 2017.


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