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Being someone with a public platform that people visit and view is weird sometimes. You’ve got a following of people who rely on you (to an extent) to post something consistently and when you disappear for almost a month you leave them hanging. Guilty. Every time I miss the chance to blog for a bit, I feel as though I need to apologize and give some sort of explanation, but this time I have cruddy excuses.

Ready for it? Work has been busy and I hate the cold. That is it.

My workload doubled with the loss of a valuable co-worker who moved across the country to live with her fiancé. How selfish of her. (Just kidding, Jane. I know you’re reading and I love you even though you made me have to do all of your work until we hired someone new.) Basically work was taking up every speck of my energy for a few months and it finally caught up to me.

As far as riding goes, it was limited for some time. My lack of energy combined with the cold weather left me wanting to do anything but zip on my tall boots and tighten my girth, so aside from the occasional lesson, most of my barn time was spent feeding Ax carrots and giving him some snuggles. To add to it, Ax had been acting up a bit on the ground and under saddle since moving to this new barn and all my motivation to fight with him ride was pretty much lost. My usual ride four days a week routine turned into a force myself to ride maybe twice, and the random snow storms didn’t help either.

Now, on the literally bright side of things because daylight savings has made it so I can leave work with the sun still up, Ax is back to acting like himself and we are prepping for show season which is terrifyingly close. I am entirely out of shape, but he looks better than ever and we are going whether we are ready or not. And on the blogging front, I have some super exciting things lined up that I can’t wait to share.

Photo Mar 21, 7 52 11 PM

Blog to you soon!

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2 thoughts on “Sit and Blog | Excuses

  1. I feel the same way when I get super sporadic with blogging, but sometimes there’s just nothing to write about or no time! At any rate, glad you’re back 🙂


  2. Life happens! We’ve all gone on at least one unplanned blogging hiatus. Glad you’re back in the saddle 🙂


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