My Horse Show Mom

Growing up with a mom that rode horses with me wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Me being a hunt seat princess and her a dressage queen, we would often argue over little things like why I wasn’t sitting farther back and why she would ride for so long. While we did have nice times together at the barn, a large portion of it was spent in disagreement. Now, having a mom that rides has it’s perks. I can call her and vent after a bad ride and she can call me when she needs me to come home and video the clinic she is riding in that weekend. I can yell at her for riding with her hands too low and she can yell at me for chipping a fence.

She’s my horse show mom.The kind who takes care of her daughter’s horse when she moves to a different state and hasn’t found a barn yet. The kind that stands at the in-gate and pretends to be your trainer when you go to a show without one. The kind that can speed groom my horse as I am trying to get my helmet on because I’m next in the ring and not even tacked up. The kind who brushes off my jacket and tells the ring steward that I am going back into the ring even though I just took a nose-dive into the arena footing. The kind who drives two hours to pick my horse up and take him to a show because I, at 23, still have not learned how to drive a trailer.

Today marks the fourth consecutive Mother’s Day that my mom has spent doing something for me because as this post goes live, we are at yet another one of my horse shows. And in a few minutes, she just might come running to the barn, mimosa in hand, because I am about to miss my class.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the horse show moms out there, but especially mine.


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