Things I Bought and Didn’t Need | 2017 Equine Affaire Haul

I went to work this year’s Equine Affaire with an empty bank account and needing nothing but a salt rock. Unsurprisingly, I came home with more than that (though not as much as last year!), but half of my haul is made up of freebies. Merry Early Christmas to me?

EquiFit T-Sport Wrap

I have been eyeballing these for quite some time now, but could never justify spending almost $100 (or even $60 for seconds) on a pair of wraps. The EquiFit booth at EA had seconds (aka slightly irregular but still fully functional) of these for almost half of the normal seconds price, so I snagged the last pair they had. I can’t wait to see if they are worth the cult following that they have, but I can wait to deal with the annoying washing instructions.

EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad

This guy was calling my name and I finally decided that it needed to come home with me after stopping by the EquiFit booth a few times to squish it and reading a million rave reviews. I am super excited to see how Ax feels about this. He is never afraid to let me know if he is uncomfortable, and I haven’t used anything other than my EcoGold on him for the past few years, so we will see!

POMMS Premium Equine Ear Plugs

These cuties weren’t on sale, but I had been on the hunt for them since seeing them come out as a limited edition color a bit ago, and I snagged a pair in a small tack shop’s booth. Real geldings wear pink, so Ax needed these—plus they will match my pink EcoGold that I got last year.

Andis Clipper Blade Drive 

The last thing I bought was a new blade drive for my trusty Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clippers. After talking to the Andis rep about how I have to clip my horse a million times a year, he mentioned that my blades may seem like they aren’t cutting as well because the blade drive needs to be replaced. It was a cheap $5 part that I didn’t even know would ever need to be replaced.

Wahl T-Shirt

On another clipper note, the first freebie I picked up was a shirt from Wahl. We know I love some of their grooming tools, but I’ve heard great things about their new-ish KM 10 clippers and stopped to enter a survey-contest for some. The t-shirt was a free gift for entering.

Rounders Treats

Being in a booth across from Blue Seal has its perks—free treats! These were being given away all weekend and a friend of mine snagged some for Ax.

Redmond Rock Crushed Salt

The ONE THING I needed to get was a salt rock and by the time I made it over to the Redmond Rock booth they were all out. I did manage to get a decently sized free sample of their crushed salt though, so it wasn’t a total bust.

Leather New Soap, Conditioner, and Sponge

This freebie was easy—you enter your email and win a prize. I love little travel sizes of leather care products to stash in the trailer and such, so this will definitely go to good use!

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