Favorite Things | Fall 2017

New England seems to have skipped fall this year. We went from sunny to pitch black and from 70° to 40° in 24 hours, and it has hardly gotten warmer since—goodbye, summer; hello, winter; where did fall go? Because of the lack of my favorite season, most of my favorites this month aren’t very fall-related or even horsey. Maybe winter will be more promising?

Photo Oct 28, 6 22 09 PM

Coast to Coast Equestrian Namesake Cuff

My ex-coworker and her ex-roommate started a business this fall and I got to sample their first product, a hand-stamped cuff bracelet! I love how dainty these are compared to bulky leather nameplate bracelets and don’t ever take mine off.

Photo Nov 22, 11 02 55 PM

S’well Bottle, 25oz

This wonderful thing was a birthday gift from a friend, and though I am not normally a reusable water bottle person, I am completely obsessed with it. It travels from work to the barn with me everyday and kept my water ice cold even while sitting in the sun for hours on a particularly hot, early fall day while I was covering the American Gold Cup. I promise you, you need one of these.

Kastel Denmark Merino Wool 1/4 Zip

This is really my only horsey favorite this season. I picked up this shirt after reading Amanda‘s rave reviews about it and I was not disappointed—this top has been my go-to underneath a vest this fall. The old colors are currently on sale on Kastel’s website, and I am hoping to pick up another before they run out.


This was in my last favorites post, but it is still pretty new to me. I officially love my car—and it is a damn good thing that I do because my beloved Roberto (pronounced with excessive rolling of the “r”) is making my wallet cry. I am now that annoying person with a Jeep. Sorry.

Veggie Burgers

It doesn’t often come up on this blog, but I basically have a digestive system that hates me and likes to veto (a.k.a leave me with awful intestinal pain) when I eat certain things, including red meat. While I still sacrifice myself for steak tips every now and then, I get my burger fix from veggie burgers, especially the Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers from Morning Star Farms. I’ve had one at least once a week this fall and I am not sad about it.

New Glasses

This is both a favorite and an unfavorite. I finally got my glasses prescription updated (after complaining about needing to do it for months) and strayed from the reliable Warby Parker when I ordered two new pairs from GlassesUSA. Long story short, one pair was too big, took forever to return, and I still don’t have the replacement pair, and the other pair are super cute, but randomly broke a month later. Don’t order cheap glasses online, kids. But do order ones that are super cute and make you be able to drive without fearing for your life.


Now that I have a car that has an aux port, I have been all about listening to podcasts—they make my long drives to the barn from work go by faster. My current favorites are Don’t Blame Me, Heels Down Happy Hour, and Crash on my Couch.


I was never an Archie Comics fan, or a fan of any comics for that matter, but this TV show has me hooked. Not hooked enough to skip ponytime to watch it, but pretty damn hooked.

Small Adventures

José and I were busy bees this fall, traveling to Vermont for the above ex-coworker’s wedding and heading into Boston for Bruins games and concerts. Because we both don’t get much time away from work, I’ve come to cherish these smaller adventures that we take to get away.


Noah Gundersen

Speaking of concerts in Boston, one of the people we went to see was Noah Gundersen. He’s a indie rock-type artist from Seattle that we first saw when he was opening for another band we saw this summer and we both really liked him. Soon after, José found tickets for his show at a small Boston venue, and he was so incredible that we just got tickets to go see him again in Maine. Check him out.




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7 thoughts on “Favorite Things | Fall 2017

  1. I bought one of those Kastel merino tops at the Riding Warehouse sale and I am OBSESSED and did not know that they were still in stock on the website. THANK YOU.


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