Favorite Things | Winter 2018

This winter was a wild one—emotionally and weather wise. Between Ax’s time off and start of rehab for the Mystery Lameness of 2017, the temperature repeatedly changing 30° overnight, and just general winter grumpiness, it is a miracle Ax and I made it out alive. But we did, and I have a few favorite things I picked up along the way!

Photo Mar 04, 3 07 06 PM

SmartPak Hadley Breeches in Dark Spruce

I wrote an entire review on the SmartPak Hadley Breeches, so there isn’t much else to say other than I love them and the new dark spruce color is stunning. (It is hard to tell from the website, but it is; I promise.) I picked up the new color during one of their sales last month and am so glad I did—I am wearing them more than my dark green Tailoreds.

EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad

This pad came into my life during Equine Affaire and I’ve been using it ever since (when my horse is actually rideable). It does an amazing job of absorbing impact without being bulky, and Ax hasn’t put up a fit about it, which is a very good sign. Full review to come soon!

My Jeep

Six months later and my car is still in my favorites (it was also in my summer and fall posts), this time thanks to its balance and four-wheel drive. The luxury of not constantly worrying about whether or not I would be risking my life driving home from work or the barn because of the weather is a new one for me, and I loved it. Even in nasty weather, I only had to use the 4WD aspect twice—once when José and I were on the way to Maine in the middle of a Nor’easter, and again when I had to pull out of a parking spot through a foot of snow. Knowing that I could get to where I needed to be no matter the weather made the winter months infinitely less stressful.

S’well Traveler

My S’well collection grew a bit this winter thanks to a friend who gifted me the S’well traveler! With a wider opening than the normal bottles, this little guy is perfect for my coffee or tea and keeps it piping hot for what feels like forever—seriously, I can’t boil my tea water because I won’t be able to drink it for a few hours!

L.L. Bean Boots with Thinsulate

No surprise, my L.L. Bean Boots were all I wore this winter. I’ve had them for over a year, and they still look brand new, aside from some wrinkling at the ankles. They keep my feet toasty, warm, and dry—almost to the point of being hot! I can’t recommend these enough and will probably always have them as a winter favorite.

Longchamp Le Pliage

As much as I love my Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody that I used daily for years, I found myself wanting something little bigger and more tote-like. After a little digging, I snagged a lightly used Lonchamp Le Pliage on Poshmark for half the price of retail and am quite a fan. The fact that it is used (and wasn’t full price!) means I don’t care if it gets a little dirty or beat up, and it perfectly fits my change of clothes to go to the barn after work.

Personalized Necklace

With Ax’s registered name engraved on one side and Angel’s on the other, this necklace from an Etsy shop called JJinspires might be my favorite piece of jewelry. I’ve worn it every day since it was gifted to me for the holidays, and I have no plans of taking it off anytime soon.


This winter’s cold air was brutal and a must-needed kick in the butt to start taking care of my skin. I picked up a few skincare products over the past few months and worked on putting together a routine that worked for my dry/combination, sensitive, slightly acne-prone skin that I plan on doing an entire post about once I feel like I’ve nailed it down. For now, I have noticed a difference with some of the products I am using and am happy that I have taken an interest in treating my skin properly.

New Responsibilities

December brought a (at the risk of sounding pretentious) much-deserved promotion for me at work. Obviously, along with the new title came new responsibilities, and I was surprised to learn how much I like some of them. I always thought that I liked writing the most, but suddenly editing is catching my attention.


This is another repeat, but I am still hooked on podcasts. Most recently, and much to my surprise, I am loving My Favorite Murder. I am a complete scaredy cat who chooses not to listen to it on nights when I am going to be alone at the barn, but Georgia and Karen are so hilarious that I listen more for the sake of their storytelling and less for the true-crime aspect.

Photo Mar 04, 3 17 30 PM


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