Product Review: Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody

Tucker Tweed hit every equestrian fashionista’s radar a few years ago and I can’t lie—I was lusting over them for quite a while. The designs, the leather, the colors, OH MY! I finally ceased my drooling and ogling in December when a friend of mine who owns The Vineyard Equestrian had an amazing post-black friday sale and I purchased the Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody in chestnut with the foxhunting embossing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.11.04 PMI’ll start off simple by telling you the obvious—this bag is gorgeous.

  • The coloring is rich throughout the entire bag, has yet rub off or fade in the slightest, and is neutral enough to go with just about any outfit.
  • The embossing detail on the front of the bag is beautifully done and the interior is lined with a soft satin, both which match well with the pebble grain texture of the rest of the bag.
  • The leather is very soft and supple. I had expected it to be more rigid and was pleasantly surprised.
  • The pockets have plenty of room for my phone, keys, or lip balm and the main cavity is the perfect size for my wallet plus a few other necessities.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap functions like a belt buckle and allows you to shorten or lengthen the bag by about three inches which I love. I often find myself going back and forth between over the shoulder or actually wearing it as a crossbody.

My downside? The hardware that the shoulder strap attaches to drives me insane.

  • They are in the shape of a snaffle bit which adds a classy touch of equestrianism, but mine let out a high-pitched squeak every time the bag moves. Every step I take is accompanied by a squeak and when you wear a bag that rests on your body, the bag moves a lot. This may be something that is specific to only my bag.
  • I’ve also found them to twist and get stuck which then twists the shoulder strap—not as bad as the squeak but still annoying.


Needless to say, I’ve received many compliments from equestrians and non-riders alike on my Camden Crossbody and I’m hoping that it hold up as well as some of my higher quality leather items. While I will stay away from bags with the snaffle-like hardware in the future, the squeaking hasn’t stopped me from using the bag on a daily basis and setting my sites on it’s big brother and my newest obsession, the James River Carry All.



Shortly after publishing this post, I received a message from Jill at Tucker Tweed offering to exchange my squealing crossbody for one that was squeak-free. As I was a new customer to the company, I had no idea of their amazing customer service policy and hadn’t thought the squeaking would qualify as something that could to be resolved by the company. It is safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I received the message that I could do a swap.

I had the chance to pick a new color and embossing for the new crossbody, and being the self-dubbed hunter princess that I am, I chose the Hunter/Jumper bag in dark chocolate/chestnut. A few weeks later the bag arrived, in all of its beauty, to my door and I might be even more in love now. And the best part—IT DOESN’T SQUEAK.

Camden Crossbody, DarkChoc-Chestnut, HJ

I couldn’t help but feel like this post needed an update to showcase the amazing customer service at Tucker Tweed and a huge thank you to them for replacing my squeaking Camden Crossbody.


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