A Day in the Life: Adulting Edition

A bit of an update since my college edition almost a year ago. A lot had changed since then…

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7:30AM – Snooze the alarm that I purposely set early because I know I’ll hit snooze every day.

7:45AM – Turn off my alarm, pry open my eyeballs, and spend too long catching up on all the good stuff (i.e., nothing) that I missed on social media in the seven hours I slept.

8:00AM – Realize I’ll probably be late to work because I am a sloth and still in bed. Contemplate wearing real pants but end up with breeches or leggings. (Relaxed office job for the win!)

8:30AM – Turn off and ignore the alarm telling me I should be leaving. Return to slothing.

8:45AM – Grab my ridiculous amount of stuff—barn backpack, wallet, lunch, planner—and run to my truck. Curse at the Dunkins drive-thru for being so slow and curse at myself for not just walking there because it would have been quicker (I live right next door.)

9:00AM – Sometimes make it to work on time, sometimes be a few minutes late. Spend the next 20 minutes chatting about basically nothing to co-workers.

9:20AM – Finally sit down at my desk. Check work emails and social media platforms.

10:00AM – Schedule social media posts, answer and clean out emails because our inbox limits are frustratingly low and all those high-res images clog it to the nines, and make a list of everything I need to do today (including some things I have already done) so I can cross them off and feel accomplished.

11:00AM – Work on my articles and columns that are due all too soon, edit web posts, schedule ads and e-blasts, and get sporadically distracted by social media because “its my job.”

12:00PM – State the obvious: “OHMYGOSH it is already noon?” or “UGH it is only noon!” Force myself to wait to eat lunch because I’m just bored and not hungry yet. Continue working.

1:30PM – Eat lunch and/or make a trip to the store for snacks. Spend my lunch break working, blogging, or watching those food videos on Facebook (you know what ones I am talking about). Return to working and getting distracted.

4:45PM – Grab my barn stuff out of my truck and change before leaving.

5:00PM – Happy dance as we leave the office (not because of my job, but because it’s pony time!)

5:30PM – Drive as fast as I can across the train tracks at the base of the barn driveway because I’m paranoid I’ll get hit by the non-existent train.

5:40PM – Give Ax a quick cuddle and pull off his blankets (if applicable). Walk the .04mi to the tack room, manage to grab all my tack in one trip, walk the .04mi back to our barn aisle (you don’t think .04mil is that far until you’re carrying a saddle, pads, girth, bridle, cooler/quarter sheet, grooming tote, and boots). Take my sweet time grooming and tacking up.

6:30PM – Mount up and ride. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for only thirty minutes.

7:30PM-ish – Dismount, untack and groom, lug all my stuff back to the tack room, reblanket if necessary.

8:00PM – Stuff Ax full of treats and force him to accept my kisses and hugs, dart back across the train tracks even though I know it already went by for the night, and drive home.

8:25PM – Get home. Force snuggles on the kittens because cute aggression is a real thing. Cook dinner if José came to the barn with me or he is still working. Eat. Shower. Netflix. Get all my stuff ready for the next day.

11:30PM – Realize what time it is and that I should already be asleep. Begrudgingly put my phone away and go to bed.


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4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Adulting Edition

    1. Unfortunately, I think that is the reality of an office job. I’m lucky that we are constantly working on new articles to push out the next issue so it is never really the same. I sit at the same desk each day but what I am doing varies.


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