Confessions of a Clip-A-Holic: He’s a Ten

This seems to be the winter that Ax is truly embracing his Buffalo-ness. We are only two months into the season and I have had to clip him three times so far—we still have three months to go! Because of Ax’s persistent hairiness (and because a friend told me that these blades actually exist in wideContinue reading “Confessions of a Clip-A-Holic: He’s a Ten”

Confessions of a Clip-A-Holic: Clipping a Design

From simple shapes to extravagant patterns, one of the most fun parts about clipping your horse for the winter is getting to clip some fun designs. While I’ve never gone extreme and turned my horse into a unicorn with wings (because buffalos don’t have wings), I have clipped a few hearts on some pony bums and itsContinue reading “Confessions of a Clip-A-Holic: Clipping a Design”

Confessions of a Clip-a-holic: The Clipping

I am a clip-a-holic. I started body clipping a few years ago when my mother invested in a beautiful pair of clippers and my pony was a wooly mammoth. Thankfully I had a veteran clipper by my side that night because I dove right in with those suckers and an hour later my pony looked likeContinue reading “Confessions of a Clip-a-holic: The Clipping”