An Equestrian’s Money-Saving Tips

“I would very much like to be excused from this narrative.” – Me towards Adulting.

Saving money as a horse owner can be difficult when you might as well be setting hundreds of dollars on fire each month to pay for a giant four-legged animal that spends its day eating and getting covered in dirt. While I’ve got no leads on finding a much-desired money tree, I have found a few ways to save up my pennies so I can eventually spend them on some breeches. Continue reading “An Equestrian’s Money-Saving Tips”

Ax’s Leg Care Routine

I can admit to being a bit obsessive about my horse’s leg care. While Ax doesn’t often have very strenuous workouts, I’d rather play it safe than show up to a warm or puffy leg the next day. In my book, jumping, lessons, horse shows, and hunter paces are all activities that require wrapping and sometimes poulticing afterwards, but with Ax’s current rehab routine based off of the Mystery Lameness of 2017, my urge to wrap has increased significantly. Continue reading “Ax’s Leg Care Routine”

Confessions of a Clip-A-Holic: Clipping a Design

From simple shapes to extravagant patterns, one of the most fun parts about clipping your horse for the winter is getting to clip some fun designs. While I’ve never gone extreme and turned my horse into a unicorn with wings (because buffalos don’t have wings), I have clipped a few hearts on some pony bums and its easier to clip your own basic “popped-out” design than you think! Continue reading “Confessions of a Clip-A-Holic: Clipping a Design”

Give Yourself More Credit

Almost two months ago I took a much needed lesson with one of my old coaches from high school and before I even mounted my designated horse, I issued a warning to her and all of those nearby. “I’m rusty. I haven’t had a lesson since before graduation and haven’t been over fences since the summer,” slipped out before I could think to keep my mouth shut. Knowing my instructor (and not to my surprise) she quickly told me that she didn’t want to hear it.

On we went with the lesson and while it was far from perfect, it wasn’t awful. I chipped a fence, got left behind twice, and could barely go stirrupless to save my life, but I was more than a sack of potatoes. Before leaving, I got a little pep talk about things to work on, both personally and riding-wise, but the last thing she said was, “give yourself more credit.” At the time I simply laughed and nodded my head, but in the weeks since that Saturday, it has been resonating in my brain. Continue reading “Give Yourself More Credit”