Give Yourself More Credit

Almost two months ago I took a much needed lesson with one of my old coaches from high school and before I even mounted my designated horse, I issued a warning to her and all of those nearby. “I’m rusty. I haven’t had a lesson since before graduation and haven’t been over fences since the summer,” slipped out beforeContinue reading “Give Yourself More Credit”

Saddle Searching and Buffalo Humps

“You need a new saddle,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Lies—it is all lies. I was never blessed with an easy-to-fit horse and I had my fair share of saddle fit woes even before I bought Ax. When I bought him I completely ignored his conformation (i.e. GIGANTIC withers) and soon realized that the saddleContinue reading “Saddle Searching and Buffalo Humps”