Gotcha Day

♪♫ Happy Owniversary to Me. Happy Owniversary to Ax. Happy Owniversary to Us! HAPPY OWNIVERSARY TO US! ♪♫ A lot has happened in the three years since I wrote that check, handed if off to my dad, and impatiently waited at school for the call that the papers had been signed in my name. We haven taken leaps forwardContinue reading “Gotcha Day”

Transformation: 2015-2016

The first year I did this, there was quite a difference in both Ax’s musculature and movement—you could literally see him bulk up and move correctly over the months. Last year’s post wasn’t as satisfying with its fair share ups and downs. Even though it started rough, we progressed to where we were better than we had been theContinue reading “Transformation: 2015-2016”

Basic Conformation: Head and Neck

If you saw my last conformation post about basic balance, then you know that this semester I am taking a Equine Biomechanics and Conformation class and I decided to share my new knowledge with my readers. I am thinking that this is going to turn into a mini-series of sorts. Now that we have evaluated ourContinue reading “Basic Conformation: Head and Neck”