Product Review: Ogilvy Jumper Memory Foam Half Pad

This may be one of the products I am most excited to review, the Ogilvy Jumper Memory Foam Half Pad! I had just heard about Ogilvy Equestrian when I spotted one in the Dover Saddlery basement over a year ago. I had read about the benefits of their memory foam half pads and was skeptical of it reallyContinue reading “Product Review: Ogilvy Jumper Memory Foam Half Pad”

Product Review: Personally Preppy Helmet Monogram

I have said before that I am a monogram-aholic. If I could monogram every part of my life, I would. Now, thanks to Personally Preppy, I can! I first found the business on Instagram and then on Twitter, I immediately followed them and saw post after post of their “Personalized Preppy Helmet Monogram“. This was the first time thatContinue reading “Product Review: Personally Preppy Helmet Monogram”

Product Review: Baker Elite Knee Patch Breech

I recently took a trip to Smartpak and instantly ran up the stairs to the sale section to look for breeches. Among the hangers of Tailored Sportsman breeches and Smartpak’s own styles of breeches, I found a pair of the Baker Elite Knee Patch Breeches in tan. I could barely contain myself. I had seen these breeches onContinue reading “Product Review: Baker Elite Knee Patch Breech”