I’m on Island Time

Chapter One, Part Two.

If you were to look up the definition of Martha’s Vineyard online, you will find that it is a small island off of Cape Cod that is a popular summer vacation spot. If you were to ask me the same thing I would tell you that it is my home for two months.

I have been on the island for what feels like only a few days. In actuality, it has been 9 weeks. That is 9 weeks of being a pony camp counselor for tons of adorable kids that want nothing more than to ride horses, look at horses, touch horses, and care for horses all day, every day. Does it get much better than that? It does when you get to bring your horse along with you!

Last summer was my chance for Ax and I to figure each other out. This summer was our time to enjoy a little vacation while fixing and tuning what we already know, though it still had its fair share of “firsts”. For the first time, I had the daunting task of searching for a boarding facility to keep Ax. Thankfully, I had the help of friends and found Gretta Hill Farm, a cute farm that came with a riding buddy for me, a tough lesson on herd dynamics for Ax, and miles of island trails to ride. Whether we were riding on the beach at sunset, getting caught in a thunder storm on a trail ride, or making makeshift jumps out of tires and wheelbarrows, this summer on the island was anything but forgettable.

As I start to pack up Ax to send him back to New Hampshire, I have realized how much of this place has effected my relationship with horses. When I first came to the island last year for a summer of teaching pony camp at ArrowHead Farm, not only did I fall in love with the island, I fell in love with my horse. My second summer is coming to a close and I cannot help but feel like this small island holds the heart of Axcent and I’s friendship.

Martha’s Vineyard will forever be the place where I found my forever horse.


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