Equestrian at Hart Blog Hop: Equestrian Wardrobe

I have been dying to participate in a blog hop since I started Breeches and Boat Shoes, so when I found a equestrian fashion related one how could I not? Here goes…


Equestrian at Hart asked…”I want to know about what you ride in and why? Show us your Equestrian Fashion choices and tell us why you wear them!”

First off, I think I have more riding clothes than I do “normal people” clothes. Scratch that. I KNOW that I have more riding clothes! My closet is overflowing with breeches, polos, and riding socks whether I am at home or at school. More often than not I am either going someplace after leaving the barn or going to the barn once I am finished, so if anyone ever sees me in something other than riding clothes they better take a picture because it’ll last longer than my outfit will.

Tops – My riding tops are usually polos or a conservative v-neck shirt in the summer. I love the  Joules polo shirts because they are fun and bold without looking like a 12 year old in a neon shirt and the fabric holds up well to my less-than-careful nature. Winter brings out the Under Armour with a long sleeve shirt, fitted 1/4 zip sweatshirt (my favorite is a monogrammed one from Etsy), Ralph Lauren sweaters.. I find that poofy jackets feel bulky and get in the way while riding, so if it is extra chilly I stick to a North Face vest or soft shell jacket and a scarf to stay warm.

PicMonkey Collage

Breeches – I am a HUGE breeches snob and I only have two words: Tailored Sportsman. I am IN LOVE with the Trophy Hunter line. Not only do they fit my body perfectly, they are ridiculously comfortable at the same time (a tough feat for any bottoms I try). The gorgeous color selection is just another plus. I own a few pairs of these in different colors and the dye and fabric has held up amazingly after numerous washes.

Socks – Socks are where my outfit goes a little wild. I always wear tall socks that are either knee or calf high unless I am wearing thin riding Zocks. My sock basket consists of mustache socks, whale socks, dolphin socks…you name it and it is probably on a pair of my socks and it is probably from Sock it to Me.

PicMonkey Collage2

Boots – Ever since my last pair of paddock boots and half chaps popped stitches I switched over to riding only in tall boots and I am addicted. I school in a pair of Tredstep Donatello Field Boots and show in a pair of custom Der Dau field boots, both of which I found at a particularly lucky Dover Tent Sale. Both were incredibly easy to break in and have held up nicely throughout tons of riding and rough times. I recently purchased a pair of Ariat Monaco Field Boots to show in and I am in lust with the square toe. When I am not riding I am in my well loved Sperry Topsiders, of course.

PicMonkey Collage4

Gloves – I never used to be a glove wearer but I purchased a pair of crochet-backed pig skin gloves a couple years ago and I love them. They are cool in the summer so sweaty hands aren’t a problem and warm enough in the winter without being bulky.

Helmet – I mind my melon with Charles Owen. The CO GR8 in black/black has been my show helmet for years and its little sister, the CO JR8, is my schooling helmet in black/grey (complete with a Personally Preppy monogram, of course). Both are super comfortable and still look brand new even after a few years of use.

PicMonkey Collage3

I have to say, I LOVED this hop and reading others responses. I may not be the equestrian fashionista, but I will snag any chance I can to write about it. Happy Hopping!


PS. Read all the other responses to the Blog Hop using the link below!

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