The LOVE Issue – Heels Down Magazine in February

I’ve mentioned before that I am lucky enough to be a member of the Heels Down Magazine Style Team and I interviewed the creator/publisher/editor in chief, Patricia back in December. Personally, I LOVE the digital magazine and this month is extra exciting because…



AX AND I ARE ON THE COVER! Shout out to my amazing boyfriend who actually took the photo.

I also contributed on a “You know it’s true love when…” page with two very real situations that have actually happened to me.

IMG_8284 IMG_8285











Lastly, another photo of Ax and I is alongside fellow blogger, Jessica from The Legal Equestrian‘s, article on barn managers. Again, thanks to José for being an amazing photographer.


Be sure to purchase and download the February issue of Heels Down Magazine from iTunes or Google Play to see the entire issue. This month is easily one of my favorites, aside from it featuring my horse on the cover. I love Jess’s article on leasing 101, this month’s playlist that includes two of my favorite songs (Ed Sheeran all day, every day), and the tips from a professional groom!

Happy reading!


All photos are courtesy of Heels Down Magazine.


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4 thoughts on “The LOVE Issue – Heels Down Magazine in February

  1. Being BFFs with your BM is not always fun! The last barn I was at I was really good friends with the BM and felt like if I stayed there we wouldn’t stay friends. 😦 We butted heads a lot on how we felt horses should live.


  2. Congrats on being a cover girl! That’s exciting. I’m leading a similar reality (but didn’t make the cover). The February issue of Sidelines has an article I wrote about finding my horse “How I Met My Knight in Shining Horseshoes!” And you can also get Sidelines digitally (for free). That is such a great photo of you and Ax. Kudos to your boyfriend. 🙂


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