Product Review: The Herbal Horse USA Healthy Hair

Helen was generous enough to send me along a few products to review and something special for my readers. This is the second of three THH reviews, so stay tuned for something special at the end of the third and final post! 

I finally got the chance to use another The Herbal Horse USA product since it warmed up and I was able to give Ax a good bath! This one is The Herbal Horse USA Healthy Hair and it is just as amazing as the others!

Photo courtesy of The Herbal Horse USA.
Photo courtesy of The Herbal Horse USA.

As a hairdresser’s daughter, I expect my horse to have an amazing mane, tail, etc and I am incredibly picky about what I choose to use. The Healthy Hair salve is an all natural, 100% pure, and organic product that is used on your horse’s mane and tail to condition and fix damaged hair. I LOVE that this salve is free of any silicone which is completely awful for hair (I’m looking at you, showsheen), therefore there is no plasticy feeling once it is applied. Plus it smells amazing.

It doesn’t say that Healthy Hair needs to be put on clean hair, but I figured I would test it out as a leave-in conditioner and detangler on Ax’s freshly washed, dry tail. His tail is quite thick and I rarely brush it, so I took a quarter-sized amount and rubbed it in my hands to warm is up before massaging it into the roots and running it through the ends. I did end up having to take a few more scoops with my fingers, but that is mostly because of the thickness of his tail. Then it was time for the moment of truth, would it actually help my trust wide-toothed comb make it through his dreads?


The answer is YES! I found it much easier to detangle his tail and run the comb through. The knots came loose a lot quicker and less hair was pulled out during the process. I wanted to allow the Healthy Hair to fully absorb into his tail afterwards so I decided to loosely braid it and leave it alone. I took the braid out after I rode and his tail turned out so soft and shiny!


The website does warn not to use this as a “pre-show shine product” since it can attract some dust and I did notice a slight dustyness, but nothing major. After a few days the product had entirely absorbed into his tail and it remained soft and manageable. I definitely recommend this product!

A huge thank you goes out to Helen and The Herbal Horse USA for sending me this product!

You can find The Herbal Horse USA and all of their products through their Etsy store. Be sure to check out THH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well for alerts on new products, giveaways, and more!


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3 thoughts on “Product Review: The Herbal Horse USA Healthy Hair

  1. Oh my gosh I am having serious tail envy over here! What a gorgeous tail to use my Healthy Hair on. So glad you love it and very happy to provide an organic option for our horses’ health also 😉 xoxo, Helen


  2. Thanks for writing this review. I’ll admit that I’ve been using Show Sheen on my horse’s tail recently, but I’ve been looking for a better quality product. Your horse’s tail is gorgeous! 🙂


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