Product Review: Noble Outfitters Ashley Performance Top

Staying protected from the sun has become a welcome trend recently, thus the “sun shirt” has taken the equestrian world by storm. But I have to admit that I wasn’t too sure what a long-sleeved shirt would do in the summer. I was in the process of doing my research on the different brands when Noble Outfitters contacted me about trying out a few of their products and I jumped at the chance to try their version; the Ashley Performance Long Sleeve Shirt. Since then I purchased two other sun shirts to compare to for an honest review and have come to a conclusion: Noble Outfitters takes the cake.

Photo courtesy of Smartpak.
Noble Outfitters Ashley Performance Shirt in Vivacious. Photo courtesy of Smartpak.

First things first. I received the shirt in Vivacious, a bright coral-pink, and the color is absolutely gorgeous. There is also a fun, colorful leaf pattern on the underarm mesh that sets it apart from any other sun shirt. This shirt is very close fitting to the body thanks to the princess seams and the dropped hem makes it easy to tuck into breeches. I found it to run true to size and to be very stretchy, but if you like your shirts to be a bit looser I suggest sizing up. The Noble Outfitters website says that the shirt has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ (meaning it blocks about 98% of ultraviolet radiation) which is one of the main reasons for a “sun shirt”.

I live in New England where the weather is 90 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next (not to mention it is insanely humid) so I got to wear this shirt in both warm and cold temperatures. I can say that the Ashley Performance Long Sleeve Shirt excels in hot temps well above the two other shirts I have tried. I rode in the heat of the day when it was about 89 degrees with a high humidity level and I was completely unaware that I had on a long sleeve shirt. With other shirts I found myself wanting to push my sleeves up and I was getting too warm but the Noble Outfitters shirt was much more cooling. Because of the mesh panels on the back and sides of the shirt, it offers amazing breathability and you could feel the breeze running through the shirt. If and when I did sweat, the shirt wicked it away from my body so I ended up almost cold as opposed to hot.



Overall, I think this Noble Outfitters shirt is a great addition to a rider’s sun shirt collection. I found it to surpass its competitors in both functionality and style, it is easily my favorite.

A huge thank you to Noble Outfitters for sending me the Ashley Performance Long Sleeve Shirt! Stay tuned for more Noble Outfitters reviews!


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16 thoughts on “Product Review: Noble Outfitters Ashley Performance Top

  1. I love the yellow version of this shirt. Coral is gorgeous, but a smidge too bright for me- especially with the print. You pull it off flawlessly!


  2. I remember seeing this shirt and was ecstatic that Noble had come out with one. However, the price is extremely off putting. I own a lot of their apparel and love the price so was disappointed to see how much this cost.


  3. interesting! i’ve been pretty disappointed in the sun shirts i tried (like pushing up the sleeves constantly) – but maybe this one is worth a look?


  4. Love the shirt on you. That color is really nice. I’m always looking for a good sun shirt 🙂


  5. Which other shirts did you try? I have an EIS Cool Fil shirt and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Like you, I didn’t really believe in a long sleeved shirt for hot Wisconsin summers (and humid, yuck), but after wearing mine in Florida on an 85 degree in full sun, I was converted. Similar to the one you have, it has the mesh panels under the arms, and is fitted. My only thing is that I wish it were a bit longer.

    If you’re interested, my full thoughts are here:

    I may have to check out the Noble Outfitters version for my next sun shirt investment!


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