Product Review: Noble Outfitters Gwen Performance Top

It is no secret that sun shirts are filling up equestrian’s closets, but lets not forget about our old summer favorite; short sleeves. So what do you get when you cross a polo shirt with a sun shirt? The Noble Outfitters Gwen Short Sleeve Performance Mock. With the style of a collared polo shirt and the functionality of a sun shirt, you get the best of both worlds.

Photo courtesy of Noble Outfitters.

My Gwen top came in a gorgeous minty-blue color that is appropriately named “Ice”. The cut of the top is very similar to their long sleeved version; close fitting to the body thanks to the princess seams, true to size, and very stretchy. (I tried this shirt in two sizes and chose the larger of the two, so If you prefer a looser fitting shirt I would suggest sizing up as I did.) There is a dropped hem in the back of the shirt that makes it super easy to tuck in, and stay tucked in, which is often an issue with shirts of this fabric.

Speaking of the fabric, this is my favorite part of the entire top. Noble Outfitters uses an “Opti-Dry Technology™” fabric that has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+. Essentially this shirt can protect you from about 98% of ultraviolet radiation while still keeping you cool. I wore the shirt on a typical New England day that was hot, humid, and scattered with pouring rain. I was surprised at how quickly the water and evaporated away from my body and off the shirt. The top was also super breathable despite the humidity.


Think of the Gwen as the Ashley with the sleeves cut off. It has the same great features but in a short sleeve version. You can find the Noble Outfitters Gwen top on the Noble Outfitters website for $67.99.

A huge thank you to Noble Outfitters for sending me the Gwen Short Sleeve Performance Mock! Stay tuned for more Noble Outfitters reviews!


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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Noble Outfitters Gwen Performance Top

  1. That’s a cute top. I’m trying to decide about sunshirts. I love the UV blocking, but when it is really hot and there’s little breeze feel like is be better off in a plain old cotton T-shirt. I have Kastel and Ariat.


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