Product Review: Noble Outfitters Miley Polo Shirt

Each time I went to my dresser to pull out my riding outfit for the day I found myself looking at the stack of polo shirts and opting for a lighter, cooler shirt. And with all of the new styles of riding shirts that are taking over, I have found that my drawers were a little lacking in the polo department. Enter, the Noble Outfitters Miley Polo.

Photo courtesy of Noble Outfitters.

Unlike a traditional polo, the Miley is made from a lightweight fabric that Noble Outfitters calls “Opti-Dry Technology™” and it is UPF 50+. While it isn’t as light as their Gwen or Ashley, it is still incredibly cool and moisture-wicking in the heat. I was much less hot in this polo as opposed to any other polo shirts I own. Although the fabric is “that type” as my mom says, I didn’t find it to be clingy to my body or snag on anything. The fabric also holds the cut of the shirt very well and it is extremely flattering both on and off the horse.

I received my Miley Polo in a beautiful purple-y color called “Periwinkle” and I found it to fit true to size.

Polo selfie?
Polo selfie?

You can find the Noble Outfitters Miley polo on the Noble Outfitters website for $54.99.

A huge thank you to Noble Outfitters for sending me the Miley Polo! Stay tuned for more Noble Outfitters reviews!


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