Sit and Blog: Updates and New Promises

If Breeches and Boat Shoes was a YouTube channel, this would be one of those “sit and talk” videos. Thankfully I am not coordinated enough to face a camera on a regular basis, so I blog instead. I am calling this a “Sit and Blog”.

It is no secret that I have dropped the ball when it comes to blogging in the past six months and I think that you, my readers, deserve an explanation. A lot of things have happened so here is my list of updates to bring everyone up to speed.

  • I left off wanting to qualify for IHSA Zone Finals. It didn’t happen, BUT one of our riders made it to Nationals and we got to watch her kick butt (see my TLE guest post on the fashion here). I finished my Intercollegiate riding career with not a bang but a purple ribbon at Regionals in Intermediate Flat.
  • Speaking of guest posts, I am now a guest writer for The Legal Equestrian. Check out some of my posts here.
  • I graduated college (YAY!) and managed to not trip across the stage. I even have the diploma to prove it.
  • I moved to Martha’s Vineyard for another summer of pony camp.
  • I half-leased Ax out to a teenage girl for the summer.
  • Ax and I conquered some of our jumping fears.
  • After a long summer, I moved back home from Martha’s Vineyard with no plans for life and no job.
  • My boyfriend and I got a kitten! *meow*

I think that covers it all. I am dubbing this my “fresh start” to begin blogging regularly again. Cheers to new promises!



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