Sit and Blog: Updates and New Promises

If Breeches and Boat Shoes was a YouTube channel, this would be one of those “sit and talk” videos. Thankfully I am not coordinated enough to face a camera on a regular basis, so I blog instead. I am calling this a “Sit and Blog”.

It is no secret that I have dropped the ball when it comes to blogging in the past six months and I think that you, my readers, deserve an explanation. A lot of things have happened so here is my list of updates to bring everyone up to speed.

  • I left off wanting to qualify for IHSA Zone Finals. It didn’t happen, BUT one of our riders made it to Nationals and we got to watch her kick butt. I finished my Intercollegiate riding career with not a bang but a purple ribbon at Regionals in Intermediate Flat.
  • I graduated college (YAY!) and managed to not trip across the stage. I even have the diploma to prove it.
  • I moved to Martha’s Vineyard for another summer of pony camp.
  • I half-leased Ax out to a teenage girl for the summer.
  • Ax and I conquered some of our jumping fears.
  • After a long summer, I moved back home from Martha’s Vineyard with no plans for life and no job.
  • My boyfriend and I got a kitten! *meow*

I think that covers it all. I am dubbing this my “fresh start” to begin blogging regularly again. Cheers to new promises!192


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