Product Review: Emily’s Equine Creations Custom Brushes

Every time I go to the tack shop I tell myself that I need to get new brushes. I’ll stop in front of them all hung up on the wall or overflowing out of buckets and ponder which ones I want after feeling them all for softness. Then I’ll tell myself that I don’t really need new brushes and promptly walk away.

This is great for saving money, but not so great for my horse who was being groomed with dirty tools. Unfortunately, the majority of my brushes were past the point of no return and ready to be tossed (except my very favorite soft brush) because I stink at cleaning them. Then I researched custom brushes and because I monogram everything, I had to have them.

I went with Emily’s Equine Creations for three reasons: I had heard/read great things, my bank account wouldn’t be crying, and I love to support small businesses.


Emily was incredibly easy to work with when trying to figure out what to order—her shop offers a wide range of brushes and grooming bundles that can be custom painted or stained plus super cute charms and jewelry—and what design to go with. I decided on the regular body brush and the premium soft brush with a stained and painted design and received them in about three weeks…even after changing my mind at the last minute and asking her to do something that she didn’t technically offer yet.

Regular Body Brush (left) and Premium Soft Brush (right)

First, let me go into the brushes themselves. The body brush is what I would equate to a medium stiff brush with bristles made of “poly-fiber or rice root” and Ax loves it. I hadn’t ever noticed that he didn’t like my old plastic body brush, but now he is much more relaxed and he seems to really enjoy being groomed. Is it a magical brush? Maybe.

The premium soft brush feels just like my beloved Winner’s Circle soft brush and is made with “extra-soft horse hair bristles.” (That isn’t a lie—it is extra-freaking-soft.) I tend to find that soft brushes don’t flick as much as I would like them too and instead they just mash against the body when you run it over the coat, but this one does a great job at getting rid of the last minute dusties that I hate. The first few uses left some loose bristles behind, which is expected, but after a few days each pass only left Ax nice and clean. My one downside? It seems to be a little static-y compared to my other brushes. I’m not sure the reasoning for this (maybe Ax is just electric), but it isn’t enough to deter my use.


As for Emily’s work, I don’t need to tell you that these are stunning. The design is exactly what I asked for and better than I expected! The stained wood is beautiful against the painted sections and all the lines are sharp and clean (my inner perfectionist is in love).

Each brush is also covered in a sealant for durability. I’ve been jamming these into my already-full grooming tote for about two months now and they still look the same as when they arrived—no scratching, fading, or flaking!


In addition to the brushes I also received an adorable hand stamped bridle charm with Ax’s name on it that I immediately put on my camera for identification (and told my co-worker she needed one too).

I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions on these brushes and can’t recommend Emily’s shop enough. You can shop all of her products at Emily’s Equine Creations!


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5 thoughts on “Product Review: Emily’s Equine Creations Custom Brushes

  1. I am the same way, I have several brushes that I have had for close to 20 years and that could use to be replaced…but every time I go to the tack shop I find myself unable to justify replacing them when the ones I have technically still get the job done…

    I do love Emily’s stuff though, I have been coveting a pair of her custom brushes ever since I first discovered them.


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