What’s in My Grooming Bag? 2.0

My first grooming bag post was in 2015, so it is safe to say that a lot has changed since then—except the fact that I have way too much stuff. Yes, I would still be a member of “Hoarders: Grooming Bag Edition” if there was such a thing. I love to see the different tools and products people use on their beloved ponies, so here we go!

Grooming Bag 027

I recently upgraded my bag to the Roma Deluxe Grooming Tote after six years with my trusty Ariat Mini Tote. The Roma is larger than I expected it to be, but super sturdy and has a decent amount of pockets. I do wish the inside pockets were better separated instead of one large cavity with two awkward pockets on the sides, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

Grooming Bag 008

In the big center space, I put my brushes on one side pocket, all my random stuff on the other side, and my liquid products and treats in the center.

  • Jelly Scrubber – The only other curry I can use on Ax, and it is great for baths.
  • Wahl Rubber Curry – AKA, Ax’s favorite curry ever.
  • Wahl Stiff Body Brush
  • Custom Stiff Brush – This was too pretty to not save after getting my new Wahl brushes.
  • Custom Soft Brush – My new favorite soft brush.
  • Winner’s Circle Soft Brush – This is my old and beloved soft brush that I can never get rid of even though I hardly use it anymore.
  • Stiff mud brush – This is reserved for when Ax think’s he is a little piggy and comes in COVERED in mud.
  • SmartPak Hoof Pick
  • Wahl Hoof Pick

Grooming Bag 012

Grooming Bag 016

  • Sore No More – Ever since Ax has developed a reaction to normal liniments, Sore No More is all I can use (Why is he not allergic to the most expensive one?!). I prefer the liquid version for summer, the gel for winter, and performance line for show season.
  • Antacid tablets – I give Ax a handful of these while tacking up to settle anything in his stomach before riding. I figure it can’t hurt. I don’t know if they really work or not, but he thinks they are treats and happily snacks on them.
  • Treats – These vary depending on whatever I choose to buy, but these ones are the SmartPak SmartCookies. They’re cheap, Ax likes them, and they’re a good size, therefore I like them.
  • Coat conditioner – The one I currently have is EcoLicious Glossy because I picked it up on sale, but I prefer The Herbal Horse‘s Shine Bright.
  • Rags – For wiping off dust and cleaning a dirty noses.

The outside pockets are mostly full of first-aid supplies and other random things that would get lost in the larger pockets:

Grooming Bag 020

  • Braiding supplies – Seam rippers, pulling combs, crochet hooks, and those little green braid separators that are so easily lost.
  • Bot knife – This was used all of maybe five times when bot flies were temporarily an issue at an old barn. Now I use it to cut open packages and hay bales.
  • Sunscreen – For Ax’s pink nose, even though he licks it all off the second I put it on.
  • Stain remover and dry shampoo – Two must-haves if your horse loves to get poo all over his two hind socks.
  • Mini Eqyss Marigold Spray – Yay for free samples! I’ve never used this but I know people who swear by it.
  • Hemorrhoid Ointment – You can judge me as much as the CVS cashier does when I buy this stuff, but it is a godsend when it comes to growing back hair. Try it.
  • The Herbal Horse Heal Quick – I don’t know what THH puts in this salve, but IT. IS. MAGIC. This heals any sort of nick, scrape, cut, or burn that Ax gets so quickly. This tin is obviously well-loved, but I’ve got a brand new one ready to go when this one is empty.
  • Wound ointment, dust, sprays – These are all my most used “boo-boo stuff” products for when Ax inevitably hurts himself. The rest lives in a first-aid box in my tack trunk.

Grooming Bag 023
I’m always curious about everyone’s favorite grooming products, so let me know in the comments or hop along with the blog topic!


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4 thoughts on “What’s in My Grooming Bag? 2.0

  1. Blue Dawn dish soap. It’s perfect for cleaning/brightening socks/stockings/face chrome, and I also use it to wash my brushes and open-front boots. I’ve read you can bathe your horse’s entire body using Dawn, but I haven’t tried that yet. Plus, you can get like a gallon of Dawn for less than $5, so its definitely a deal!


  2. I also have the tums (peppermint flavor)in my grooming tote for the same reason. I was told it helps their stomach and Breeze loves them. I also like to give him one after he gets the bit instead of sugar cubes.


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