What’s in my Grooming Bag?

Is there a “Hoarders: Grooming Bag Edition”? Because I need to be on it. My bag of brushes is a never-ending pit of random horsey things. The grooming bag I have is the Ariat Mini Tote in pink. I tried to keep the bag small so less things could be thrown in but I have manage to stuff it to the max.


002In the main large pocket I have:


In the larger side pocket I keep some miscellaneous things:

004In the two smaller side pockets there is:

  • Derma Gel
  • Hemorrhoid Ointment – Before you judge me, this stuff grows hair back over healed cuts like no other. Trust me. Try it.
  • Absorbine Liniment Gel sample – My other favorite liniment and its in a super cute tiny bottle.
  • Biogroom Quick Clean dry shampoo (review here)
  • Boar Bristle Brush
  • Wide tooth comb


What are some of your grooming bag essentials?


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10 thoughts on “What’s in my Grooming Bag?

  1. corona ointment FOR THE WIN. bandaid for everything. does the hemorrhoid ointment really work for growing hair back? I have a dumb, destructive baby and I’d LOVE for him to look less cut up.


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