Product Review: The Herbal Horse Shine Bright + GIVEAWAY

Natural is IN. And so is The Herbal Horse. I have used many of the natural and organic products from THH, the most recent being Shine Bright.

Finding a coat conditioner that is silicone-free is difficult. Most equine shine or moisturizing products list a “silicone shine agent” as the key ingredient, YUCK. The last thing I want to spray on my horse is liquid plastic. I had ditched the idea of using a coat conditioner until I saw that Helen from The Herbal Horse had come out with her own version. Shine Bright is a natural conditioner for both horses and dogs made with organic oils that are healthy for your animal’s coat as well as as “non-toxic, antibacterial, and moisturizing”.


This summer was brutal on Ax’s coat. His usual rich mahogany, dappled coat quickly turned a lack-luster, crispy brown after a month of being in the sun all day, every day. Normally my solution to something like this would be to use some elbow grease and groom until your arms were sore, but nothing worked. It was dry, brittle, and dull, and no matter how much he was groomed, the sun and salt air kept fading him out. About halfway through the summer I ordered The Herbal Horse Shine Bright in hopes to bring back his bloom.

You can see how dull and faded his coat was.

After using the coat conditioner in my grooming routine for a couple weeks, the difference was already noticeable. His coat was much softer and moisturized. It was still a dried tan color, but I expected that to resolve with time. Two more weeks and Ax’s coat was back to normal in texture and color. He felt soft and sleek and returned to a nice blood-bay. No more crispy ends, rough texture, and dullness. In a total of a month of regular use of Shine Bright, Ax’s coat was back to being shiny and healthy, without using any nasty chemicals and plastics.

Even in the dark you can see an improvement in his coat.

You can find The Herbal Horse Shine Bright and all of the products at Be sure to follow The Herbal Horse on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on new products and surprise promo codes!

Time for the GIVEAWAY! Breeches and Boat Shoes is giving away a package from The Herbal Horse as a celebration of Breeches and Boat Shoes’s one year blogiversary!

The giveaway package includes:
The Herbal Horse Heal Quick – 1 oz
The Herbal Horse Healthy Hair – 1 oz
The Herbal Horse Muscle Soothe – 1 oz
The Herbal Horse Fungus Among Us – 1 oz
The Herbal Horse Lip Balm – Lemongrass Spearmint


The rules of the giveaway are as follows:
– Begins Thursday, September 17th
– Ends Wednesday, September 30th
– Entries must be submitted using the link below.
– Open to residents of the United States ONLY (sorry international readers!)



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20 thoughts on “Product Review: The Herbal Horse Shine Bright + GIVEAWAY

  1. Ooo, I am excited about this give away! I have always wanted to try her stuff, but am terrible about thinking ahead on these type of purchases. Usually its an “Oh no, my horse cut herself! Run to TSC to get Furazone!”


  2. I absolutely love the herbal horse and would love to try all of her amazing products on my horse! I’m sure they would make his coat look amazing! I love the be calm that I use on my dog!


  3. I’m so glad you got Ax’s coat looking better! I will definitely have to try the Shine Bright on my chestnugget. Haha.
    I would like to try the ‘Fungus Among Us’ the most since my horse has been having a skin issue that I’m having a hard time getting rid of.
    Good luck with your giveaway!


  4. Helen makes such wonderful products! Heal Quick is my favorite, great for horses and people! I’ve also loved Shine Bright for restoring coats back to their soft, shiny glory after sun-damage from the summer!


  5. I LOVE THH SOOOOO MUCH! I would love to try the Heal Quick or the Healthy Hair! I already have some saddle butter from her and I love it! Hopefully I get the chance to try more of her items! Thank you for this opportunity and putting together this giveaway! 🙂


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