Product Review: Fluff Monkey®

Something about sitting down before a show and scrubbing my life away until I can see my reflection in my tall boots just for me to step in manure with them the next day is not appealing. All morning of the show I end up tiptoeing around, trying to keep my boots clean, and inevitably looking down to see them covered in dust. Rags would never get it completely off or out of the folds and I usually found myself using them for Ax anyway.

After years of wiping down my boots with dirty rags, I heard of Fluff Monkeys— a puff of fabric that can be used to clean and polish boots among other things—from a friend. Soon, my lime green and purple Fluff Monkey arrived in the mail alongside a little banana-shaped stress ball.


I use my Fluff Monkey more as a last minute boot duster than a polish buff, but holy moly are my boots dust-free and shiny. Heck, I could probably dust my apartment with it! I kind of can’t believe how much of an amazing job this thing does at getting into all the crevices of your boots and tack. The “fringes” make it super easy to get into the folds (that always collect dust) without having to take your foot out of the stirrup and readjust. The first show I used it I hadn’t polished my boots and they had a show ring worthy shine after a quick buff.

I love that the fabric really grabs onto the dust as opposed to just smudging it around and the size is perfect to grab in one hand and run over boots, tack, and your horse before entering the ring. I’ve even used it to wipe away bit slobber and pony boogies at the last minute. As expected, it gets a bit dirty after a while especially if you’re using it to buff polish (or horse snot), but it comes clean easily in a washing machine.

I’ve used my Fluff Monkey for so many things:

  • Buff boot polish
  • Dust off boots
  • Dust off tack
  • Dust off horse
  • Wipe horse slobber
  • Bathe horse
  • De-smudge phone (because ponies slobber on phones too)
  • Cat toy
  • Horse toy (Ax is mouthy and likes to boop it around on my backpack)

Add to the fact that it is super cute clipped onto my barn backpack and I’m sold!

Phone 257

It is a bit on the pricier side at $20.95, but I can’t imagine it needing to be replaced anytime soon (you can just trim any fraying fringes as time goes on) and you can completely customize it to your favorite colors. You can get a pre-made Fluff Monkey (they’re all hand-made), a whole Fluff Monkey boot polishing kit, or a Body Mop on their website!

A huge thank you to Fluff Monkey for sending me the Fluff Monkey multicolor!


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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Fluff Monkey®

  1. That sounds like a super helpful thing to have. I mostly show by myself, so I always go into the arena with slightly dirty boots, no matter how hard I try to tip toe around the show grounds to keep them clean.


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