Product Review: Wine Down Hoof Pick

The Wine Down Hoof Pick came out a while ago and I’ve been secretly wanting one because who doesn’t want a hoof pick that can pop open a bottle of wine?! Aside from coffee, I consider wine to be an important drink in my an equestrian’s life. Tell me you have a hoof pick with a corkscrew on the end and I want it even if I’m not going to use it!



I was pleasantly surprised at how nice of a hoof pick this is for being a pick-corkscrew hybrid. The pick itself is made of solid stainless steel, so it isn’t going to bend if you’ve got a rock or super hard mud stuck in your horse’s hoof (which is my pet peeve—I hate bendy hoof picks). And the head is tapered, so it was easy to pry out the dirt and grass that gets stuck in the sulci and under the edges of shoes. The handle is wood that’s pretty comfy to hold and there is a cute little leather loop to hang it from if you choose.

The one feature this pick is missing is bristles—if you’re one who uses the hoof picks with the brush on the end to clean off excess dirt then you may not love this one. I hardly ever use the brush on other picks (and can just use my hand if needed) so I didn’t mind at all.

As for the wine opener part, well it opened my bottle perfectly and I’ve only got half left! Because I didn’t have a bottle of wine readily available at the barn, I did bring the hoof pick home and rinse it off before popping the cork, but I couldn’t care less about a little dirt or horse poo (sorry, germophobes).

Dirty pony feet!

For the quality of a nice, heavy hoof pick and the novelty of a pick-corkscrew tool, I think the price tag (around $20) is pretty good. Paired with a bottle of wine and a cute gift bag, this is a great holiday gift!

A huge thank you to Noble Outfitters for sending me the Wine Down Hoof Pick to review!


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