You can’t have JUST ONE.

HAPPY NEW DOVER CATALOGUE SEASON! Not much compares to looking into your mailbox and seeing a fat, new Dover Saddlery catalog laying inside just waiting for an equestrian to feast their eyes on the endless pages of horsey items. Sure you could just go online and see it all there, but it’s not the sameContinue reading “You can’t have JUST ONE.”

Dilemmas of being an Equestrian: Winter Edition

Who really likes winter? Between below freezing temperatures and massive nor’easter storms with enough snow to bury my house, winter in New England is tough for an equestrian. It entails dressing up like the Michelin Man just to find out that all the buckets are frozen, your horse’s feet are packed with snow, and itContinue reading “Dilemmas of being an Equestrian: Winter Edition”