Black and French Blue | Beyond Boat Shoes

Welcome to where I chronicle what I wear that isn’t just this blog’s namesake—we are going beyond boat shoes. When it comes to riding clothes, neutral shades are my preference—black, white, and grey are my staples and hunter green, navy, and burgundy are my pops. Sure, I’ll toss in the occasional bright breech or vividContinue reading “Black and French Blue | Beyond Boat Shoes”

Favorite Things | Spring 2018

Despite the saying, spring never really sprang up this year—New England flopped back and forth between 40° and 80° for a month or so before finally settling on the warmer end of the spectrum. Even though I am a little upset about the lack of my favorite 70°-and-sunny weather, I made it through with someContinue reading “Favorite Things | Spring 2018”

Roeckl Malta Gloves | Product Review

My first pair of Roeckl gloves came to me five years ago via a barn’s lost and found. I was thrilled to snag a pair of almost brand new black gloves before the box went off to donation. Now, I own quite a few pairs, including my newest favorites, the Roeckl Malta Gloves. Basically the two-tonedContinue reading “Roeckl Malta Gloves | Product Review”