SmartPak Equestrian Tag: Horse Names

In the midst of re-watching SmartPak‘s If Horses Were People videos, I saw that they released an “equestrian tag”. After watching it, I thought that it would be a nice “tag” to blog about! Who says tags are only for Youtube? SmartPak’s Horse Name Equestrian Tag asks… What’s the name of the first horse you rode? I haveContinue reading “SmartPak Equestrian Tag: Horse Names”

You can’t have JUST ONE. Part Two.

A little while back I did a post on things that equestrians think they need a zillion of (with a little help from the gorgeous Ryan Gosling). Unfortunately, that list only included eight of the hundreds of items that us horse girls need multiples of and I received a few submissions from readers with other thingsContinue reading “You can’t have JUST ONE. Part Two.”