What’s In My Tack Trunk?

A few months ago, before moving to a new barn, I decided that I wanted to upgrade from my Horseman’s Pride plastic trunk to something more secure and durable. There was nothing wrong with the plastic trunk, but I had had it for a while and it was pretty warped and banged up from use (my dad brokeContinue reading “What’s In My Tack Trunk?”

Show Backpack Essentials: IHSA Edition

I never used one of those extra-expensive “helmet backpacks” for horse shows until I became captain of my college’s IHSA team. I didn’t ever feel like I needed an extra bag of stuff to carry around with me. Flash forward to now and I can’t go anywhere at the show without it.  So, in honor ofContinue reading “Show Backpack Essentials: IHSA Edition”