Favorite Things | Winter 2018

This winter was a wild one—emotionally and weather wise. Between Ax’s time off and start of rehab for the Mystery Lameness of 2017, the temperature repeatedly changing 30° overnight, and just general winter grumpiness, it is a miracle Ax and I made it out alive. But we did, and I have a few favorite thingsContinue reading “Favorite Things | Winter 2018”

Favorite Things | Fall 2017

New England seems to have skipped fall this year. We went from sunny to pitch black and from 70° to 40° in 24 hours, and it has hardly gotten warmer since—goodbye, summer; hello, winter; where did fall go? Because of the lack of my favorite season, most of my favorites this month aren’t very fall-relatedContinue reading “Favorite Things | Fall 2017”

Favorite Things | Summer 2017

Summer isn’t technically over yet, but it sure as heck is feeling chillier in New England. This summer was a strange one for me, being that it was less horsey and more worky, but it was still as exciting and exhausting as a season spent showing. Because of that, and the fact that I haven’tContinue reading “Favorite Things | Summer 2017”